Meet our valued partners! The Comission (SEEC) has identified and formed partner relationships with these agencies and organizations. SEEC is committed to these partners because they offer skills, workplans and a specific mandate in the Upper Skagit watershed. SEEC operates in 5 year funding cycles and collaboratively plans and supports these partners’ relevant goals in the watershed. They represent SEEC’s intention of education, recreation, research and conservation in the Upper Skagit watershed.

The Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Forests, lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development are responsible for administering and managing conservation lands for fish and wildlife. These lands are made up of a variety of land types that all give priority to the conservation of wildlife, fish and their habitat, while often providing for other resource uses.

Our philosophical approach to protecting these important values is embodied in our conservation principles. Our guidelines for how conservation management shall be undertaken are expressed in our conservation program policies that include guidance on topics such as wildlife, vegetation, cultural heritage, geology and marine values.

Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning provides outdoor education, recreation, and ecological awareness in the watersheds of Southwest British Columbia.

We believe in teaching and inspiring through shared outdoor experiences; inspiration grounded in the inherent beauty and scientific wonder of nature, the understanding of our place in the natural world and our potential to care well for it.

Our programs are carefully planned, inherently beautiful and professionally taught.

The North Cascades National Park lies in the northernmost region of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State amid wild, forested, nearly impenetrable mountains remarkable because of their numerous glaciers, permanent snowfields, and sheer-walled cliffs, spires, and pinnacles.

The park is actually one of three units in the North Cascades National Park Service Complex which was established on October 2, 1968 by the signing of the North Cascades Act by Lyndon B. Johnson and is composed of:

Lake Chelan National Recreation Area,425,929 acres.
Ross Lake National Recreation Area, 117,574 acres.
North Cascades National Park, 684,242 acres.
See the Ross Lake National Recreation Area Final General Management Plan here released in December, 2011.

North Cascades Institute seeks to inspire a closer relationship with nature through direct experiences in the natural world. Our mission is to conserve and restore Northwest environments through education. Since 1986 we have helped connect people, nature and community through science, art, literature and the hands-on study of natural and cultural history.

Our goal is to help people of all ages experience and enjoy the mountains, rivers, forests, people and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest – so all will care for and protect this special place.

SCA provides college and high school-aged members with hands-on conservation service opportunities in virtually every field imaginable, from tracking grizzlies through the Tetons to restoring desert ecosystems and teaching environmental education at Washington, D.C.’s Urban Tree House.

We are truly building the next generation of conservation leaders.