The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (the Commission) was established under an agreement between the Province of BC and the City of Seattle as a condition within the Ross Lake/Seven Mile Reservoir Treaty between the United States and Canada signed in 1984 (Appendix D). The treaty and agreement are in effect until 2064.

The Commission is made up of 1/2 USA and 1/2 Canadian Commissioners. The USA Commissioners are appointed by the City of Seattle while Canadian Commissioners are appointed by the Province of BC.

The Commissioners meet quarterly including an annual retreat and Committee Meetings as required.

As a funding organization, SEEC addresses it's mission with grantee organizations and individuals. These organizations represent SEEC's intention of education, recreation, research and conservation in the Upper Skagit Watershed. They are land managers, First Nations, educators, scientists and community organizations.

In the 1984 Treaty, Seattle City Light agreed not to raise Ross Dam for 80 years in exchange for power purchased at rates equivalent to what would have resulted from raising the dam. The High Ross Treaty also created the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (SEEC) to manage an endowment fund to preserve the area, pristine wilderness and fish and wildlife habitat in the Upper Skagit Watershed until 2065.

SEEC's staff support is provided by the signatory organizations to the High Ross Treaty. Seattle City Light in the USA and Ministry of Water, Land & Resource Stewardship in the BC Government. Currently SEEC also retains a contract communications and outreach consultant.