I Named NCI in my Will: Gerry Cook

Until recently Gerry Cook was a SEEC USA Commissioner following a full career with North Cascades National park.

North Cascades Institute (NCI) is a conservation organization focused on “transformative learning experiences in nature,” including place-based environmental education, outdoor recreation, health and wellness, conservation, environmental justice and community engagement. SEEC is a major funder of programs developed and delivered by NCI in the Upper Skagit Watershed.

“As I dropped them off at the trailhead, unloading heavy backpacks and five days worth of food, I knew in my heart that they would be different—both individually and as a team—when I saw them again next week. I feel like I am one of the luckiest people in the world, to have this experience with young people in a place I have called home all of my life.”
Gerry Cook.

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