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Pacific Giant Salamander Survey

A Pacific Giant Salamander Survey and List of Herpetological Records in the Skagit River Watershed

Survey of the Spotted Owl

A Survey of the Spotted Owl in the Skagit River Region of British Columbia

High Ross Treaty

In 1942, Seattle City Light negotiated an agreement with the Province to raise the dam by 120 feet which would have flooded over 5,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat and recreation lands in BC. The Agreement was upheld by the Provincial Government in 1967 but generated intense opposition. Lengthy negotiations ensued.

In the 1984 Treaty, Seattle City Light agreed not to raise Ross Dam for 80 years in exchange for power purchased at rates equivalent to what would have resulted from raising the dam. The High Ross Treaty also created the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (SEEC) to manage an endowment fund to preserve the area, pristine wilderness and fish and wildlife habitat in the Upper Skagit Watershed until 2065.