The Upper Skagit on Social Media

What’s your favourite social media channel?

SEEC is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and we write blog posts such as this every few weeks as well. We enjoy learning of the experiences in the Upper Skagit that we haven’t had (yet), from other writers, photographers, passers-by, hikers, paddlers… Many post on social media.

A hashtag search on Instagram of #rosslake or #rossdam, for example, returns an inspiring collection of photos with adventure stories to inspire and prompt a visit to the personal calendar to plan an outing in North Cascades National Park Complex, to Ross Dam, Diablo Lake perhaps or Ross Lake Resort!

These beautiful photos are from a few months ago at Ross Dam by Jessica Walters. Isn’t it compelling?
Keep posting your photos when you’re in the Upper Skagit Watershed and use hashtags to make them findable by everyone! The photos of your experiences will encourage others and we know that the more people care about the Upper Skagit Watershed, the more inclined they will be to protect it.