Storytelling: Before the Treaty

We know about the ‘High Ross Treaty’ that prevented the raising of the Ross Dam and subsequent back-flooding the reservoir further north into Canada. But, do we know what led up to the Treaty?

In 2003 SEEC funded an Oral History Project wherein the key players involved before SEEC was born, were interviewed. One of the project interviewers, Ed Liebow, recently had the tapes digitized and forwarded them to us! Some of them have been uploaded to SEEC’s Vimeo account for you to see. More to come.

Also, some of you know about Margaret and Joe Miller. Margaret’s memorable quote is: “We really threw our heart and soul into it!…(but) It was the Canadians that pulled the chesnut out of the fire!”

The interview video is about 55 minutes long and this particular quote with the introduction of the High Ross controversy to BC’s Sierra Club and the story of the Run Out Skagit Spoilers (ROSS) campaign begins at about 33:33 minute mark. Enjoy!


If you’d like to deep-dive into this history just a little bit more…

  1. Lauren Danner’s blog post, September 17, 2016 and see a photo of Margaret Miller measuring a Big Beaver watershed massive cedar tree.
  2. The results of Margaret and Joe Miller’s eco-survey was summarized in the 1972 issue of The Mountaineer. You’ll find it on Page 11.