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Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission, Map, Upper Skagit Watershed

USA | North Cascades National Park
The North Cascades National Park complex links four neighboring units: North Cascades National Park North and South Units, and Lake Chelan and Ross Lake National Recreation Areas.

Most of the North Cascades is designated as wilderness, which means foot travel is the only means to explore much of the park area. Within park lands, the most glaciers can be found outside of Alaska, as well as rugged mountain peaks and broad U-shaped glacial valleys.
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USA | Ross Lake National Recreation Area
Ross Lake National Recreation Area is the most accessible part of the North Cascades National Park. As one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth, this area is home to an abundance of wildlife. Storm systems are common in this area but best exploring weather is mid-June thru late September.
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Canada | Skagit Valley Provincial Park
This area is accessible via gravel road from Hope BC or hike-in via Manning Park. The main campground is located at Ross Lake, along the USA-Canada Border. This is a lush river valley with pockets of old growth forest and an ecological reserve.
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Canada | Manning Provincial Park
This popular destination park has a ski hill operation and over 300kms of maintained trails. This park is a transition zone between coastal rainforest and semi-arid Okanagan lands.
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Canada | Cascades Recreation Area
This rugged, wilderness park located North of Hope BC. This protected area forms most of hte northern boundary of the EC Manning Provincial Park. This is a well-known horseback riding destination and there are three campsites with horse corrals and  hitching rails. ?
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