Supported Projects Status Report

Thank you for the work you do that impacts the Upper Skagit Watershed, those who care about it and care for it.

To update the SEEC Commissioners and provide periodic project information we are implementing a new Project Tracking tool. You may have been in contact with SEEC regarding your project recently or it may have been a while. The information we request from you today will ensure we have updated information on all current, funded projects.

Please complete this form with brief info points and submit the information this week. I appreciate that this ‘one more thing’ was not on your to-do list and I’ve kept the form short so it won’t take long to fill in and send. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you!

Rudy Kehler
Communications & Outreach
[email protected] | 604-869-1026

June 2023 Supported Projects Status Report