Jack Delair

“He had so many occupations and activities that it is difficult to list them. He was a big game guide and trapper in the Cariboo, a Conservation Officer, operator of a small logging company and a farmer.
He served two terms on the Fraser Valley Regional District Board, one term on the Board of Directors for B.C. Hydro, one term on the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission and twelve years as Project Manager for Seattle City Light. He earned the award ‘Friend of National Parks’ from the U. S. National Parks Service, and a life membership in the B.C. Wildlife Federation.

Dad was the quintessential environmentalist. He knew the land he lived on and was fiercely protective of it. He provided access to his property for students to learn about the species of fish that inhabit the Fraser River, he always had a big garden and was famous for his ‘DeLair Giant Onions’.”
Excerpt from: https://www.todayinbc.com/obituaries/john-jack-delair/

Many of us who live in the Hope BC area and have life experience in the Upper Skagit Watershed, knew Jack. He was a contemporary of people like Ken Farquharson and Curly Chittenden. Current environmentalism may not recognize these loggers and hydro engineers as environmentalists but that is what they were. They were/are people who live in forest communities, work in the forest and care alot about the entire ecosystem, all at the same time.

Jack Delair died on March 1, 2023. Our condolences to the family and friends of Jack Delair.