Upper Skagit Watershed Projects
Funding Application


The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission’s (SEEC) invitation to apply for funding attracts a wide range of proposals from diverse organizations in Washington State and British Columbia. This open invitation is an opportunity for community groups and stakeholders to provide solutions that will enable SEEC to meet stated its goals and purposes.

SEEC is a non-partisan, independent, transboundary Commission, established by Treaty between the USA and Canada.

Who Should Apply
This application for funding is open to a broad range of stakeholders and community partners who can be effective agents to protect and learn more about the Upper Skagit Watershed. Applicants can include registered charities or other qualified recipients such as incorporated non-profit organizations with audited financial statements, First Nations and Indigenous communities, conservation authorities with projects aligned to goals set out in SEEC’s 5 Year Strategic Plan. Organizations can apply individually or in collaboration with others.

Important Considerations
Through SEEC’s commitment to build and strengthening relationships with Indigenous Peoples and acknowledging the historical ties to the Upper Skagit’s natural landscapes, the Funding decisions will prioritize the capacity to honour Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the building of relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations to protect and learn more about the Upper Skagit Watershed.


Funding Applications will be reviewed by SEEC staff and Commissioners.

  1. Complete the online form thoroughly. Outline the need for your project, why your activity plan is sound, and how its objectives contribute to SEEC’s goals as outlined in the 5 Year Strategic Plan.
  2. Budget expenditures must be reasonable and applicants can submit their latest audited financial statements or other acceptable documentation of financial health.
  3. Assess and Mitigate Risk: Proposals will identify potential risks or challenges faced in meeting stated goals and acceptable mitigation strategies.
  4. SEEC expects all Funding Recipients to use SEEC funds to carry out the Project as outlined in their proposal and/or the services purchased by the grant recipient with SEEC funding must represent good value for the funds spent. With adequate notice, SEEC may inspect the work carried out by all funding recipients, including accounts, records, and physical assets whose acquisition was financed by SEEC, or request unscheduled, interim reporting.
  5. To report on project results and track progress in meeting the goals and objectives of project, every recipient is required to submit Interim and/or Final Project Reports. The reports should include a narrative section, including an update on the status of the project; an updated budget; and a workplan report. The final report should, if possible, include a public education or public presentation component. This can be a slide deck, video, guest blog post etc.

SEEC can be reached via Kate Engel at (206) 733-9168 (United States) or Ann Eastman at (778) 974-5793 (Canada) to schedule a call if you have questions about eligibility or any other aspect of the application process.

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