Elders Visit the Skagit

The more correct title might be, “Elders Return to the Skagit”.

“Twelve Nlaka’pamux Elders chose to do this important work: they came from the three main rivers in the territory above the border. Over half are NlakapamuchEEn speaking, over half are over 80, and they come with very different kinds of expertise.

And they came to work: when they were warned on the first day – it is still smoky down there and a good chance of rain – the answer was – well? Let’s get going! It was a three-day trip as we had to travel through Washington State to the south of the Ross reservoir, stay in a workers’ construction camp and be a barge at 7 a.m. to cross over another dam to Ross Reservoir. Seeing the three surveyors greeting us there was emotional.”

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