Sharing the Skagit – An Educator’s Guide to the Skagit River Watershed, 1993

The ultimate goal of the Skagit Watershed Education Project is to create a sense of stewardship for the river system among its younger inhabitants, for the future of the watershed ultimately belongs to them.

Saul Weisberg, Jon Riedel, Trade Johannessen, and Wendy Scherrer

The Skagit Watershed Education Project
The Skagit Watershed Education Project is an ongoing project of North Cascade Institute that helps school children,
their teachers, and local communities explore the river basin they call home. Focusing on the basin’s cultural
history, natural history, economic resources, and current issues, our goal is to create a field-based environmental
education project which will enable elementary students to understand issues and activities which effect water
quality and quantity within the river basin.

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