Human History of the Upper Skagit Watershed, 2008

The Upper Skagit people based their livelihood on the Skagit River. The original name for the people of this area is bastulekw (meaning “river people'). The name "Skagit" is derived from their name for their language "sqajit ucid."

The following document provides an overview of human history in the Upper Skagit Watershed, largely focused on the lands upstream of the Ross Lake Reservoir. The information has been gathered from many publications, as well as personal communications.
In roughly chronological order, the main eras covered are:

  • First Nations
  • European Contact
  • Fur Industry
  • Gold Rush / Mining
  • Homesteads
  • Hydroelectric
  • Logging
  • Modern Highways
  • Wilderness Preservation

Fraser-Cascade Mountain School and Hope Mountain Centre, Hope BC

Categories: Education, First Nations / Tribes, History, 2008