The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission continues to work hard on the issue of achieving a protected status for the headwaters area of the Skagit River on Silverdaisy Mountain, known as the Donut Hole. The ‘Donut Hole’ name nods to the protected lands that ring around this threatened area. Skagit Provincial Park and Manning Park are immediately adjacent.

Our goal is to ensure that the mining tenures in that area, primarily owned by Imperial Metals Corporation, are not developed further for exploratory or full-fledged mining operations. The environmental destruction risks of leaching tailings or an outright spill are significant to surrounding lands and in particular, downstream via the Skagit River to Salish Sea.

The support for this effort has been nothing short of incredible! Government agencies, environmental groups, First Nations and Tribes, SEEC alumni and many individuals have written letters, spoken publicly, signed petitions and just generally pushed so very hard to ensure the BC Government recognizes that there is no appreciable up-side to approving a mining operation on Silverdaisy.
This morning we read this excellent Seattle Times Op-Ed by Jay Julius, Pete Knutson and Mitch Friedman.

SEEC is actively engaged on this issue and we recognize and appreciate the informed engagement of so many with us!