Silverdaisy 'Donut Hole' logging ban announcement: Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission
Joe Foy – Wilderness Committee, Minister George Heyman – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy,
Minister Doug Donaldson – Ministry of FLNRORD , Thomas Curly – S.E.E.C. Co-Chair and Shannon Bentley – S.E.E.C. Commissioner 

Logging by BC Timber Sales licensees has been banned in what has been known as the Silverdaisy or Manning Park Donut Hole, a 5,800-hectare area of unprotected forests and mountains surrounded by Manning and Skagit Provincial Parks.

“Effective immediately, BC Timber Sales will no longer award timber licences in the Silverdaisy area, ensuring no additional commercial forest harvesting occurs in that area,” said Doug Donaldson, FLNRO minister. “We’ve heard loud and clear from individuals and groups on both sides of the border that logging should stop in the Silverdaisy, and we’re making sure that commercial timber harvesting in that area does not continue.”

The Commissioners are very grateful for this decisive step forward and acknowledge the many, many involved individuals, environmental groups and non-profits who contributed by raising awareness. Many letters were written, petitions signed and meetings held to organize the awareness raising.

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