Shaun Hollingsworth, Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission Canadian Chair

Yesterday, SEEC Commissioners completed a weekend budget workshop in Abbotsford BC, working on funding decisions to support the next 5 year strategic plan. It was also Shaun Hollingsworth last formal meeting as co-chair of the Commission.

Shaun (seated) appears to be wondering what will be said about him, as thank you presentations begin. So much gratitude and appreciation was expressed for his passion, strategic planning and the drive he had to take on the challenges of his time in leadership. The most significant of these challenges is of course the ongoing work to secure a protected status for the ‘donut hole’ at Silverdaisy Mountain, beside Manning Park.

Next to Shaun is Tom Curley, the incoming Canadian Chair of the Commission. A mutual appreciation for their commitment to SEEC’s goals and their unique abilities was apparent between Shaun and Tom as gifts were exchanged and comments made. Leo Bodensteiner is the current US Chair.

The Commissioners meet again in December to approve the 5 year strategic plan.