Rafe Mair

Rafe Mair in his own words:

“As Environment Minister I stopped the government killing of wolves, stopped exploration for and mining of uranium and went to Seattle and negotiated the saving of the Skagit River from a raising of the Ross Dam which Seattle was permitted to do under a 1941 deal with the BC government.”
– https://in-sights.ca/2017/10/10/r-i-p-rafe-mair/

“He (then BC Premier, Bill Bennett) supported me in the saving of the Skagit River from an American dam, putting a moratorium on uranium expiration and mining and stopping the killing of wolves, something that brought the entire cattle industry on our heads and the ranchers were nearly all Socreds (Social Credit political party).”

  • More info about the High Ross Treaty can be found here.
  • Toronto Star article about Rafe Mair, announcing his passing on Monday, Oct 9, 2017.