Victoria BC reception event: Skagit Environmental Endowment CommissionThe Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (SEEC) recently hosted a reception at the Bateman Foundation Gallery of Nature in Victoria for members of the the BC Legislative Assembly. The  story of the commission weaves its way to and fro across the US and Canada border with a unique mandate entrusted to appointed commissioners from each side of that border!

SEEC has its origins in what is known as the High Ross Treaty of 1984 that connects the Province of BC with the City of Seattle. It was SEEC’s privilege to invite the British Colulmbia MLA’s to an evening of story telling, relationship building and issues discussion. It’s not always ‘about what you know but, who you know’; as the saying goes. SEEC Commissioners need to know who to call for help with Upper Skagit watershed issues and similarly, MLA’s need to know who SEEC is and what SEEC’s mandate is.

A similar outreach and relationship building event is being planned with the City of Seattle in the New Year.