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Thank you for sharing your project idea with us. The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (SEEC) is interested in projects that take place on the land and are about the Upper Skagit Watershed. That is, Ross Dam, Ross Lake area and North to approximately Sunshine Valley in BC. The form below is a pre-qualifier and helps SEEC decide if your idea matches the goals and available resources of the Commission at this time.

A special note to First Nation and Tribal Applicants:
SEEC aims to fund projects primarily in the Upper Skagit watershed that fit within our mandate. We recognize the longstanding connection Indigenous Peoples have in this watershed and the longstanding relationships between, and within, First Nations and Tribes. We also recognize the complexities of this region and the reality of shared or overlapping jurisdiction. It is in recognition of this that SEEC’s goal in funding does not interfere with those connections and relationships and does not impose unrealistic application requirements. Rather than impose application requirements that could work to bar applications or that may be culturally inappropriate, SEEC’s intention is to request information that a First Nation or Tribe would have already sought when canvassing their neighbours about an activity in the region.

We understand the unique nature of First Nations and Tribal and the resulting variety of protocols practiced in seeking agreement between Nations. Given that variety while at the same time recognizing SEEC’s committed to fund projects responsibly, SEEC is flexible about the evidence the Applicant provides to show that the application is not disputed by another First Nation or Tribe, if the project is in an overlapping area of jurisdiction. Examples of evidence that can be provided includes:

  • Resolutions of support from Tribal or Band Councils
  • Support letters from project partner First Nations or Tribes
  • Other indications of support from the First Nation or Tribal governing body. This could be meeting minutes, email or letter of support from each Nation impacted by the proposal, if any.
We understand this isn’t your formal proposal. Thank you for sharing as much detail as you can. It helps us make the best decisions. 
Funding Applicant Pre-Qualify

Funding Applicant Pre-Qualify

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Thank you for sharing your project idea with SEEC! You can expect to hear from us within two weeks of your Pre-Qualify Funding Application.
If there appears to be a delay, please contact us at