Pre-Qualify Funding Applicant Survey

Tell Us Your Idea!

Thank you for sharing your project idea with us. The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (SEEC) is interested in projects that take place on the land and are about the Upper Skagit Watershed. That is, Ross Dam, Ross Lake area and North to approximately Sunshine Valley in BC. The form below is a pre-qualifier and helps SEEC decide if your idea matches the goals and available resources of the Commission at this time.

SEEC is interested in funding applications that:

  1. Involve the land of the Upper Skagit watershed. On the land or about the land.
  2. Are about Education, Recreation, Watershed Integrity or Ecosystem Science. Proposals can also address history and indigenous engagement, diversity, climate change and should contribute to the goals of SEEC. Please become familiar with the goals of SEEC by reading the Strategic Plan to see if your project is a fit.

We understand this is not your formal proposal. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

The Review Process involves a Staff Review, a Committee Review followed by a Full Commission Review at a quarterly meeting of the Commission. Applicants will always be updated regarding which stage their application’s review is at with approximate timeline forecasting to the next stage.

Funding Applicant: Pre-Qualify Form

Funding Applicant: Pre-Qualify Form

Maximum upload size: 23.07MB

Thank you for sharing your project idea with SEEC! You can expect to hear from us within two weeks of your Pre-Qualify Funding Application.
If there appears to be a delay, please contact us at