A unique part of the Agreement was the establishment of an Endowment Fund “to conserve and protect wilderness and wildlife habitat” and “to enhance recreation opportunities”. Contributions by the City of Seattle and the Province of British Columbia created a fund of U.S. $5,000,000. With interest and additional payments based on power purchases, it is expected that the Fund will last for the life of the Agreement.

2003 – 2006 Endowment Funds Transition

As a result of a Strategic Planning Initiative adopted in the Fall of 2003, SEEC suspended grant allocations in 2004 and 2005 and issued contracts for needs assessments in the areas of Education and InterpretationRecreationLand StewardshipConservation Biology. We have linked these areas, each to their respective Executive Summary.

2008 – 2013 Five-year Plan

Supported by the needs assessments, the Commission developed five-year plan for investment of endowment funds. Thus, rather than solicit project proposals on an annual basis, the Commission has developed particular objectives and strategies in each of the topic areas and makes budget allocations to advance its goals. The five-year plan provides a provisional assurance to the SEEC partners for stable funding over several years. It is reviewed and renewed at the Commission’s annual retreat.