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Recent Reports

Reproductive and Genetic Variation of Rhododendron Macrophyllum (G. Don ex D. Don) at Populations in British Columbia and Washington
Study of the ericaceous shrub Rhododendron macrophyllum at twelve sites in the Skagit watershed. Includes information on genetic variability and reproductive success.
Skagit Watershed Education Project 1998 Teacher Handbook
Mountain School Guide 1998
Skagit River Watershed Journal
A Sense of Place - A Report to Participants in "Community Treasures of the Upper Skagit Valley"
Upper Skagit residents were brought together to identify, prioritize, and map the natural and cultural treasures of the valley.
Interpretive Inventory and Sign Proposal for the Highway-3 West Corridor in Manning Provincial Park
Document recommends sites and interpretive signage.
The Skagit Environmental Education Centre: Visions and Proposals for a Sustainable Learning Community
A study to look at the idea of establishing an environmental education centre on the Canadian side of the Skagit.
Tourism Planning and Environmental Education in the Upper Skagit River Valley
Part of SEEC's education initiative the study looks at opportunities for tourism and environmental education on the US side.
Distribution and Abundance of Mountain Goats Within the Ross Lake Watershed
Mountain goat study in Ross Lake Watershed, North Cascades National Park.
Inventory of Cross-country Recreational Impacts in the Ross Lake Watershed of North Cascades National Park.
A baseline survey of impacts of recreational use on backcountry trails to Ruby Mtn., Jack Mtn, Starvation Ridge, Picket Traverse, Depot-Whatcom, Prophet Range, Elijah Ridge, Ragged Ridge, and Hozomeen/Silver. Includes a map and photographic log.
An Exploratory Archeological Survey for Glassy Volcanic Rock Sources in the Silver Creek Watershed
Location of geological sources of glassy volcanic rock used prehistorically for stone tool manufacture and any archaeological sites associated with the procurement of use of this material.
Natural History of the Skagit Watershed - Teacher Workshop - Watershed Education
Natural History of the Skagit Watershed - Teacher Workshop - Invertebrates
Natural History of the Skagit Watershed - Teacher Workshop - Native Plants
Natural History of the Skagit Watershed - Teacher Workshop - Amphibians
Wildlife-Resistant Storage Containers for Boat-In Campgrounds in Ross Lake National recreational area
Report of pilot program to install wildlife-resistant containers at Lightening Creek and Big Beaver boat-in campgrounds and educate campers on their value.
A Pacific Giant Salamander Survey and List of Herpetological Records in the Skagit River Watershed
Assessment of the 1994 Skagit River Sport Fishery
Replicates 1986, 1990, 1992 surveys to monitor changes in angler characteristics and social carrying capacity.
Ross Lake Rainbow Trout Study 1993-94 Progress Report
Progress report of five year study of rainbow trout on Ross Lake.
Ross Lake Rainbow Trout Study 1994-95 Data Appendix
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