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Recent Reports

Hope Mountain Centre Update
APRIL 1 - JUNE 30, 2016
SCA US-Canada National Crew 2016 Final Report
The 2016 summer trail season marks the 30th year that the US-Canada International Crew has served as conservationists, educators and stewards on both sides of the border. This crew is made possible in large part by the continued investment of the administrators and field staff of Skagit and Manning Provincial Parks in British Columbia, North Cascades National Park (NOCA) and the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (SEEC). This coalition brings the SCA International Crew back year after year to perform trail work, conservation research and other diverse projects.
Grizzly Bear Carrying Capacity in the North Cascades Ecosystem
"... Our primary goal was to synthesize these advances and integrate spatial habitat data and hypothetical demographic parameters to address two specific questions: 1) what is the potential carrying capacity for grizzly bears in the North Cascades Ecosystem? and 2) how do roads influence carrying capacity?"
North Cascades NPS International Interpretive Program
The SEEC contributions to the International Interpretive Program provided funding for an NPS seasonal ranger to work with BC Parks Ranger AJ Fedoruk. Together they provided personal services programs and made over 6400 visitor contacts.
2015 North Cascades NPS Alpine - Sub-Alpine Vegetation Monitoring
Three National Park units, working together in the NPS North Coast and Cascades Network (NCCN), have developed an Alpine/Subalpine Vegetation Monitoring Program. These include North Cascades (NOCA), Mount Rainier (MORA), and Olympic (OLYM)) National Parks.
2015 North Cascades NPS Ross Lake Water Quality Monitoring
The upper Skagit watershed spans the U.S./Canada border and encompasses 1,018 square miles (2,637 square km). Over the past ten years, an average of 302,940 people a year visited the Ross Lake National Recreation Area.
2015 North Cascades NPS Winnebago Flats Campground Renovation
Winnebago Flats is an area within Hozomeen Campground that for many years has attracted use by US and Canadian campers in recreational vehicles.
Upper Skagit Watershed Ecosystems Management Plan - April 2011
This ecosystem management plan builds upon the foundation of the Upper Skagit Fish and Wildlife Management Plan completed by the Ministry of Environment in 2008. The ecosystem plan broadens its scope to include plants, invertebrates and ecological communities, and focuses on the prioritization of resource allocation to meet management objectives. For context, here is the Conservation Framework primer information link.
Poland Lake-Shawatum Trail Assessment.pdf
Assessment of: linking the existing Shawatum Trail in the Skagit Valley with the Poland Lake Trail in E.C.Manning Park through a series of interconnecting sub-alpine ridges and a shallow valley.
Limnotek Water Quality Final Report Feb2010
An assessment of the 25 km historic trail from the west end of 3 Falls Trail in E.C.Manning Park to the Nepopekum Bar Trailhead in Skagit Valley Park and the potential of its restoration as a hiking and riding trail that would meet BC Parks’ trail standards as a Type II horse trail.
BC North Cascades Grizzly Bear Project
Shortly after this project was funded, the BC Minister for the Environment, Barry Penner, put a hold on the augmentation plan. The reason for the hold has never been fully explained. The context for the SEEC funded project changed slightly at that point, with less emphasis on preparing the general human population for living with an increased grizzly bear population and slightly more emphasis on outreach to groups and individuals that might have unwarranted fears of or concerns about grizzly bear recovery.
Student Conservation Association Canada-US Program - 2008
Report on the crew and work completed in the summer of 2008.
Whatcom Trail Report
Whatcom Trail of 1858, Information Report
2008 SEEC Outreach Presentation
2008 PPT Presentation for Outreach to community and stakeholder groups.
Ghost Pass Trail Final Report-Oct-07
Historic Trail route, re-access work in 18 Mile Watershed
North Cascades Grizzly Bear Project
First year report of the Grizzly Bear Project.
Student Conservation Association Canada-US Program - 2007
Report on the crew and work completed in the summer of 2007.
Skagit River Watershed Background Report
A background report to assist with the development of a Fish and Wildlife Management Plan for the Skagit Watershed
International Interpretive Program: Annual Interpretive Assessment 2007
Report for the 2007 joint international interpretive program at Hozomeen.
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