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Hozomeen Chert - the rock that connects people.

Posted by Rudy Kehler at Jun 27, 2011 11:43 AM |

A Gathering At Hozomeen

Posted by Rudy Kehler at Nov 25, 2010 09:45 PM |

We have a new webpage dedicated to the Gathering at Hozomeen in Sept, 2009.

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2009 Hozomeen Gathering - Telling the Story in 2010

2009 Hozomeen Gathering - Telling the Story in 2010

Posted by Rudy Kehler at Jul 22, 2010 09:00 PM |
Filed under: Outreach

The Hozomeen Gathering in September of 2009 was a SEEC weekend event inviting archaeologists, First Nation and Tribal groups and interested public to camp at Ross Lake in the Skagit Provincial Park and share what they know about the upper Skagit Watershed historically.  A documentary video of the Gathering has been produced for SEEC by Sandra Bonner-Pederson of Bear Image Productions and a short multi-media clip is currently being developed by Sara Joy Steele and Benjamin Drummond of Seattle, for use in presentations and on the website.

Yesterday, we spoke with Dr. Dave Schaepe about the significance of the flint rock called Hozomeen Chert in determining how this watershed was traveled and appreciated hundreds and thousands of years ago as people exchanged goods and stories here.  Hozomeen Chert has been found archaeologically as far away from the Skagit source as the upper Fraser Canyon in BC and LaConner, WA.

We also talked with Sonny McHalsie about the significance of placenames and the stories they allude to at the Ross Lake site.

The multi-media clip will be completed and launched later this fall while the 45 minute documentary will be viewed at SEEC's annual retreat on September 23rd.  Showings of the documentary will be scheduled for regional gatherings in the upcoming months so all interested groups and people will have an opportunity to see it.

The documentary video was supported with funding by SEEC and Seattle City Light.

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